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Dr. Praveenkumar R.
Dental Surgeon

Dr. Praveenkumar R has been one of the pioneer in the upbringing of dentistry. He has been in this discipline and has been practicing since last twelve years. Having worked in world's renowned institutions, he had created a clinic of his own, where he can provide various dentistry services at a very reasonable rate to people. So Supreme Shiv Dental Clinic came to existance.

As on date, he has already practiced on over 3 lakh patients. Thus, his expertise is unquestionable. With this experience, he has the ability to provide a quality treatment along with great speed to do so.

Medical Services

Take care of your teeth

Do you need them??

Here's how you and your children can have healthy teeth and keep trips to the dentist to a minimum:
• Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.
• A healthy lifestyle is good for your whole body, including your teeth, gums and mouth.
• Help your child have healthy teeth for life by establishing a good dental health routine.
• It's important to have regular check-ups with your dentist.

Executive Health

Teeth Facts

It is important

Milk teeth
Babies' have a full set of 20 milk or baby teeth by the time they're three years old. When they reach five or six, these teeth will start to fall out, making way for adult teeth.

Adult teeth
There are 32 adult teeth in total, 12 more than in the baby set. The last four of these, called wisdom teeth, usually emerge later than the others, generally between the ages of 17 and 21.

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